About GBBF

The GermanBrazilianBusinessForum – GBBF – is an initiative for the benefits of Brazilian and German companies in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. We want to establish a new direction in German-Brazilian transatlantic business relationships by encouraging and providing an institutionalized exchange of business ideas. The uniqueness of the German-Brazilian business relationship presents both business challenges and incredible opportunities for the 21st century where innovation will play a key role.

We are convinced that global business is positively influenced when leaders are able to develop a familiarity regarding partners, markets and colleagues as part of the decision-making process. We want to to develop and foster this familiarity. Both countries and their people are connected in diverse and special ways: as friends, as partners, as allies.

GBBF seeks to bring together entrepreneurs of medium and large companies from Germany and Brazil, cross-border and cross-sector, providing them with the necessary dialogue to achieve the widest exchange of business experiences. Participants of GBBF belong to the presidencies of their companies and are willing to contribute ideas and to deepen discussions on topics relevant to the development of trade relations between Brazil and Germany. We cordially invite you to participate by registering here.

Participants of GBBF benefit from:

   participating and networking in round-table-meetings together with other decision-makers in a moderated dialogue to discreetly discuss practical issues of doing business in Brazil and Germany.

   getting support from the GBBF office as a focal point with knowledge, experience and contacts when you need it. Get in touch with the other participants of the GBBF network, e.g. to find a decision-maker who can help you because he has just solved a problem for his company that now bothers you.

GBBF is the modern way to expand your German-Brazilian Business Network. A platform where you can focus on what is essential to your business: finding answers, ideas and solutions.


Our regular events are held in Düsseldorf, in the heart of the largest industrial region of Germany. GBBF also promotes stronger ties between its members and the diplomatic representatives of Brazil and Germany .

If you would also like to participate in GBBF, get in touch and send us an email: office@gbbf.de.